Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Accessories

Your beautiful new bathroom is almost complete – almost because now you need to think about choosing your perfect bathroom accessories.

And you might not think it, but bathroom accessories play a vital role in completing your overall look. Whatever look and feel you want to achieve whether it’s super luxurious, cosy, and homely or contemporary, yet minimalistic accessories really do add the luxury finishing touch.

Coming in a range of styles, price points and materials it’s difficult to know how to choose the right ones for your bathroom.

So, whether you’re looking for towel rails and soap dispensers, shower caddies and mirrors or toilet brushes and toothbrush holders here are our top tips to help make your decision more easily. 

  • First – think about what you want to spend.  If you’ve spent a lot on your perfect new bathroom, do you really want to scrimp on your accessories? Always, work out your budget though and make sure you stick to it.
  • Secondly – make a list of what you need. Yes, bathroom accessories always add that finishing touch, but functionality is important too. Do you really need a brand-new bin, if the one you had in the old bathroom matches?
  • Have you thought about what material you want your accessories made off? The overall look and feel you’re going for will probably determine this, that, and cost. Plastic is always going to be cheaper, but that doesn’t mean it won’t do the job, Stainless steel is more expensive but is harder wearing and more durable. Glass and ceramic are also an option. They look great, are easy to clean but there’s probably more of a risk of accidental damage – all things to consider.
  • Think about the space you have available, what would work and wouldn’t? Accessories are great but too many of them can make your bathroom look cluttered and when you’ve invested heavily in your new luxury bathroom, that’s the last thing you want.
  • Don’t forget your colour scheme. If your bathroom is black and white, or cream and gold do you want your accessories to be in the same colours, or do you want to add a flash of accent colour?
  • And finally – do you want your accessories to be fitted or free standing? Fitted will obviously require some level of installation which will mean drilling into your new tiles. Fitted is likely to last longer and would certainly be less irritating than those fiddly suction pads can be. Freestanding means if you want to move things around or change for a new colour scheme or style further down the line, you have the option.

Don’t forget our designers can help you select the perfect bathroom accessories. Our team will spend the time to discuss the finer details and can give you the best advice on suitability and functionality without compromising on the overall design aesthetic of your new luxury bathroom. 

We have hundreds of options and styles to fit your needs and add those amazing finishing touches to your brand-new bathroom.