How Our 4D Technology Can Help with Your Luxury Bathroom Design

Imagine being able to see your future luxury bathroom come to life in front of your eyes with our 4D interactive technology?

Our 4D virtual reality headsets, give you the opportunity to see what your brand-new bathroom could look like, right at the start of the design stage and way before your bath, sink and shower have even left the showroom.

You wouldn’t buy a house without viewing it, you wouldn’t buy a car without test driving It … so why should your bathroom be any different? Our tech reduces the risk – you get to see what your bathroom would look like before you make any investment.

So how does the process work?

Well essentially using the same kind of state-of-the art virtual technology you may have seen on TV programmes like, ‘Grand Designs,’ and ‘Your Home Made Perfect,’ our 4D design theatre makes it possible to view your bathroom before you’ve even chosen your actual luxury bathroom suite.

As soon as you walk into our 4D interactive design theatre we’ll walk you through the process, with plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits on tap (excuse the pun). Our expert designers will discuss your requirements and show you all the options to get the exact look and feel you want for your brand-new luxury bathroom.

We’ll then bring the design to life. Wearing our virtual headset, you’ll literally be able to walk into your new bathroom and interact with your design. It will give you a concept of space and show you perfectly how your bathroom space can be utilised.  You can step into the shower, turn on the taps and open cupboard doors and draws. We can even show you what specific accessories would look like.

And if you want slight tweaks or major changes we can alter the colour, style and even layout until everything is exactly as you had visualised and planned.

We even have our own app too – each design we do has a QR code that can be scanned so you can view your design in your own home in your own time as many times as you want.

Once you’re completely happy and the design is signed off, our highly skilled team of experts including plumbers, builders, tilers, joiners, decorators and electricians will then bring your bathroom to life. And we always go that extra mile – your new bathroom will be fully dressed and decorated, every little detail will be attended to – all you will need to think about is which bubble bath  or bath bomb to choose. 

The software we use is the best on the market – it won Best CAD design solution at the BKU Awards 2023. 

To find out how Action Bathrooms can design, visualise and build the bathroom of your dreams get in touch.